Divi vs. Avada Comparison (November 2021)

21. November 2021

21. November 2021



Divi vs. Avada – Not sure which theme is better for you? Then this article about Divi and Avada is right for you.

Are you looking for the best WordPress theme for your next project? Think about Avada or Divi – 2 of the best premium WordPress themes.

Divi Theme Logo
Avada Logo

Divi vs. Avada – Content Structure

Overview Divi vs. Avada Comparison:

Avada Theme Main Header

Screenshot shows Avada Overview

Divi Theme Wallpaper

Screenshot shows Divi Overview

Divi and Avada are some of the best and popular multipurpose WordPress themes with outstanding features. Both themes enable you to change the layout and design of your website, making it more appealing – without any coding knowledge.

Deciding which theme to use for your next project can be daunting as both of them offer excellent solutions. For this reason, the comparisons below have been made to help you choose the right theme for you:

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Cost of Purchase

Divi theme is a multipurpose theme from Elegant themes that costs an average of $89 yearly but allows you to use it for unlimited sites while Avada is Theme Forest’s best-selling theme and costs less, that is $60 for 6moths with an additional $18 for a full year, but the license only allows you to use it on one site.

So depending on the size of your company and the projects you are going to realize for you or your clients Divi definitely is the best option for larger companies while Avada is a fine theme for individual projects.

Flexibility of the page builders | Divi

  • Divi has a website builder that is a complete package with all the features you need for quality and professional website creation such as content modules and the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) visual editing tool.
  • The Divi page builder has a framework that allows you to create any site you desire for a brand in mind. With these features, you can build an e-Commerce site, professional portfolio or push your products sales and marketing through social media, which it fully supports. This page builder continuously gets updates and currently allows real-time editing.
Divi Overview Core Features

Flexibility of the page builders | Avada

  • Avada theme, on the other hand, is less advanced compared to the former because it is still in its initial stages of development and updates.
Avada Features List

Editing mode of the builders

  • Page builders enable you to design pages from scratch in a simplified manner. Divi page builder is the drag and drop kind with two editing modes: frontend mode and back end, which allows you to build a website visually without delays and long, demanding processes that require you to keep hopping from page to page.
  • Thanks to this, you can design your website to the final touch without any form of coding.
  • Avada builder has also recently introduced its page builder in two interfaces that allow for a seamless and efficient workflow without even leaving the page you are building but still lags on the real-time editing part
Different Row Layouts Divi Themes

Screenshot shows Divi Builder

Ease of setup

  • Both of these page builders are designed so that you can utilize them without having to hire a programmer to conduct the tasks for you regardless of your experience in the field.
  • Divi is more beginner-friendly with setting up involving signing up on the website and downloading the files after which you now navigate from WordPress while the Theme Forest’s theme is slightly more complicated, although it also has steps explained to help you navigate once you download it as well. This theme, however, uses multiple third-party logins that end up consuming your website resources unnecessarily.
Avada Overview Functions

Screenshot shows Features of Avada

Library of page templates 

  • Divi offers a higher variety of pre-built templates and website packs, which are fully built pages that simplify work for you compared to the latter. Elegant Themes are continuously updating their template library and at the moment you have access to more than 1.400 layouts.Avada, however, is also advantageous because it allows you to import an entire demo in a short period of minutes without a hassle and comfortably edit your content thereafter. The theme also lets you take control of a mobile website’s appearance by adjusting elements of interest.

    On the downside, you will have to register, get a token number and verify it before you can access premium features which is time-consuming. Both themes come with easy to understand tutorials to help you make the best use of their products, but Divi has more organized guidelines which are easier to understand. here →

Divi Library

Screenshot shows Divi Library

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Both themes are well designed and SEO- friendly, increasing the chances of your website appearing higher in search engine results pages.

These themes are compatible with SEO integrations that will help you to adjust your website with keywords and phrases that potential clients use to search for your product or service so that it ranks better and subsequently performs better giving you a return on your investment..

Web hosting requirements

Factors to consider here include theme hosting platforms, PHP version and Plugin requirements.

Where Divi supports a variety of platforms such as Cloudways, WPEngine and Dreamhost, any PHP above 7.2 and no special plugin requirements while the second theme, Avada, has higher requirements which are more specific such as a PHP version of not less than 7.3 and two plugins that must be installed which include the Core and Builder but works well with any good WordPress hosting.

But overall both themes work on nearly any modern WordPress hosting platform.

People working in front of paper

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To determine the best theme between the two that will help you get a website that loads faster, different professional sites conduct tests on the themes and the sample pages built with each of the theme’s builders by using comparable modules fairly.

Divi is found to have a slightly higher edge over the other theme attributed to by the fact that Divi does minification for its theme files into smaller version and has better user-focused metrics.

However, when you implement a tool like WP Rocket‘s new Remove Unused CSS feature, Theme Forest’s best-selling theme can load slightly faster than Divi as it helps it improve.

Support and Documentation

These WordPress themes provide full support given you have fully paid for access, and you can also get help through a community forum and tier social media pages such as the Facebook group.

For Divi, you can give the support team of Elegant Themes access to your website so that they can help you solve any problems you may experience within the Divi Support Centre, while the latter has a dedicated support and FAQ page listed in the admin menus.

You will need to create a support account with Theme Fusion to access support tickets through which they will be able to help you troubleshoot your issues.

Final Thought

Both of these popular Wordpess Themes have their pros and cons over the other. However, Divi has more features and is more advanced compared to the other theme, which is still in its initial stages. Select the theme based on what best fits the needs of your website and your budget, and keep in mind which one will be easier for you to navigate.

If you are looking to control every aspect of your website from one design, Avada is a great suit.

Divi is your best choice if your goal is to create stylish, top-tier layouts since it has a wide, user-friendly library system that makes customizations simpler. It is important to ensure that you are using the right blogging platform to get the best out of your endeavor in website designing, as there are two versions of the same online. Which one do you feel works better for you?


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