Beginner’s Guide: Installing Divi Theme – Step-by-Step Tutorial

11. October 2023

11. October 2023



Installing Divi Theme- Divi Theme: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

The Divi Theme stands out as an incredibly sought-after and flexible theme for WordPress, showcasing an expansive variety of features and choices for customization, making it simple to craft impressive websites. Regardless of your level of expertise, be it novice or seasoned web builders, Divi Theme offers a straightforward platform enabling the creation of professional-grade sites without needing any programming skills. This guide takes you through the steps involved in installing and configuring the Divi Theme for your web project.

Before getting into the nuts and bolts of the installation guide, let’s delve into why Divi Theme is an excellent selection for your web project. The theme boasts a user-centric interface, vast design elements, and adapts responsively to ensure your site appears fantastic across various devices. The Divi Builder, a remarkable drag-and-drop tool, facilitates the seamless creation and fine-tuning of your website’s layout without needing any technical know-how.

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Installing Divi Theme – Time to Initiate the Divi Theme Installation Guide

We’ll guide you systematically from accessing your WordPress dashboard to activating the Divi Theme, ensuring by the tutorial’s conclusion, a Divi theme-enhanced website is operational.

However, it’s vital to have WordPress already installed on your hosting server before proceeding with the Divi Theme installation. With your WordPress site set, follow the outlined steps to install and configure the Divi Theme.

Installing Divi Theme – Primary Learnings:

  • Ease of Design with Divi Theme: With its intuitive interface and drag-and-drop feature, Divi Theme simplifies the website creation process, inviting beginners to craft professional websites devoid of coding skills.
  • Flexibility & Customization with Divi Theme: Offering a broad spectrum of prepared layouts, modules, colors, and fonts, Divi Theme enables users to tailor their websites to their preferences and brand identity.
  • Straightforward Installation: The step-wise tutorial eases newcomers into the process, from navigating the WordPress dashboard, locating the themes section, uploading Divi Theme files, to theme activation for a swift kickoff.

Installing Divi Theme – Why Opt for Divi Theme for Your Web Project?

Choosing an appropriate theme is vital for your website’s triumph. So, why go for the Divi theme? When selecting a theme, ponder these factors:

  • Design & Customization: Divi presents numerous pre-designed layouts and comprehensive customization capabilities.
  • User-Centric Interface: The drag-and-drop builder in Divi simplifies web creation and editing for newbies.
  • Responsiveness: Divi guarantees your site’s attractive appearance on all devices, enriching user experience.
  • Marketing Tools: Divi comes with integrated marketing features like split testing and conversion tracking.
  • Support & Updates: Divi ensures stellar customer support and updates regularly for a secure and smooth web experience.

John’s Real-Life Experience

John, a website-building beginner, selected the Divi theme for his online shop. The theme’s customizable design and user-friendly interface enabled him to assemble a captivating website, boosting traffic and sales. Divi’s marketing tools further optimized his site, leading to even greater success. John continues to trust Divi for its unparalleled support and updates.

Installing Divi Theme – Step-By-Step Dive into Divi Theme Installation

Prepare to venture systematically into the Divi Theme installation. We initiate by accessing your WordPress Dashboard, moving smoothly to the Themes Section. We then proceed to upload the Divi Theme Files and, ultimately, activate the Divi Theme, transitioning your site into a visual delight. Fasten your seatbelt as we animate your online presence with Divi’s grace and power.

  1. Entering your WordPress Dashboard
    • Visit your website’s URL followed by “/wp-admin” (example:
    • Input your username and password in the login fields.
    • Hit the “Log In” button for dashboard access.
  2. Steering to the Themes Section
    • From the “Appearance” menu on the left, select “Themes”.
    • View the list of themes or search for Divi.
    • Hover and click “Activate” on the Divi theme.
    • Start customizing your site with available settings.

Installing Divi Theme – 3. Uploading Divi Theme Files

To upload and activate the Divi theme files:

  • Head to the WordPress Dashboard.
  • In the Themes section, click “Add New”.
  • Opt to upload a theme.
  • Choose and install the Divi theme files from your device.
  • Wait for installation completion, then activate Divi.

4. Activating the Divi Theme

Activating Divi on your site is straightforward:

  • Go to the Themes section post Divi file upload.
  • Activate the Divi Theme.

Installing Divi Theme – Pro-tip: Before activation, back up your current theme settings and files for easy reversion if needed.

Exploring Divi Theme Settings and Customizations

Installing Divi Theme – Molding Your Website with Divi Theme

Transform your site with Divi’s customization prowess. From modifying colors and fonts to creatively arranging sections and rows, make your site one-of-a-kind and resonant with your brand essence. Say farewell to generic designs and welcome a distinctive site that captivates.

Shaping Colors and Fonts

Switch up your site’s colors and fonts by:

  • Visiting Divi Theme settings in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Accessing “Customize” then the “Colors & Fonts” section.
  • Tweaking primary, secondary colors, and typography settings for a brand-aligned appearance.

Sarah, keen on refreshing her website’s aesthetics, effortlessly navigated Divi Theme’s settings to alter colors and fonts, aligning with her brand’s vibe. The process was smooth, requiring no code expertise, thanks to Divi’s intuitive design interface.

Incorporating and Refining Sections and Rows

Installing Divi Theme – Craft a bespoke layout with Divi by adding and customizing sections and rows:

  • Enable Divi Visual Builder on a page.
  • Add a new section + decide on its layout.
  • Customize it, then add rows within sections for varied structures.
  • Personalize rows and include modules like text, images, or buttons.
  • Adjust module settings for a tailored look.

Designer Pages with Divi Visual Builder

Venture into crafting exquisite web pages effortlessly with Divi Visual Builder. This segment illuminates Divi’s facile and innovative web design approach, paving the path for your creativity to flourish. Engage with Divi Visual Builder to intuitively add, edit, and stylize content, breathing life into your website ambitions.

Commencing with Divi Visual Builder

Installing Divi Theme – Initiate with the Divi Visual Builder for smooth site customization:

  • Access Divi in your WordPress console.
  • Choose a page and enable “Visual Builder”.
  • Begin personalizing by adding sections, rows, and modules.
  • Drag items for optimal placement; edit content directly.
  • Utilize style settings for design elements adjustments.
  • Preview changes in real-time, save, and publish once content.

Incorporating and Modifying Content with Divi Builder

Installing Divi Theme – Adding and adjusting your website’s content via Divi Builder is uncomplicated:

  • Open the Divi Visual Builder on the page.
  • Choose a section or row for content addition.
  • Select a module and tailor settings in the panel.
  • Click on a module to tweak the content.
  • Employ toolbar options for text enhancements and alterations.
  • To adjust sections or rows, utilize the settings icon for customization.
  • Delete content by clicking the trash bin icon over unwanted items.

Installing Divi Theme – Divi Builder enables even those without coding skills to construct outstanding and bespoke websites. Explore Divi’s array of modules and layouts for a uniquely branded website. Begin building today!



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