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★ Whole theme is fully responsive
1 Full Layout for Home Bright = I AM OMNIA
1 Full Layout for Home Dark = I AM OMNIA DARK > completely different from Bright Layout
15+ unique and pre-made modules and elements for your business


Ken Burns Image Effect
✓ Blurbs with amazing Hover Effect
Diagonal Line and Triangle to separate sections
✓ Elegant Image Hover Effects for your Projects
✓ Timeless Split Screen Layout
Rotating Clients Logo Carousel
Header with Rotating and Flying Words
Font Awesome integration
✓ and many more…



Update 27th August: Awarded by the official Elegant Themes Team as one of the TOP 10 websites & child themes perfect for „anything that interests you„!



OMNIA  is a beautifully designed versatile & multi purpose Divi Child Theme. It has loads of pre-made and unique Divi library saved elements and modules.
So you can choose the ones which are perfect for your project. Omnia is  THE Divi Child theme that you have been looking for. You can e.g. use it as Divi Hotel Theme or Divi Restaurant Theme to promote your Hotel or Restaurant.

OMNIA comes with two major layouts : I AM OMNIA and I AM OMNIA DARK  and +15 carefully designed & fully responsive modules / elements.
Both layouts can be used and combined for any of your web-projects, such as a Hotel, Restaurant, Agency, Photograph Website or other businesses. All modules and elements are conversion optimized and A/B tested for optimal user experience.


Precise step-by-step instructions are supplied with images and explanation of all elements & modules to help you setup the child theme in just minutes. The instructions will also help you unlock all the great features of this theme to make it your own!

Pre-named modules in the backend/Divi library – fully optimized for search engine optimization and easy to use when building your own/new (sub-) pages

Precise installation guide with step by step instruction and images

Instructions provided include hwo to’s on amending style.css (e.g. change colors, font-sizes, behavior) to make the effects  your own one

Important to know:

  • Images are only used for demo purposes and may not be used in your final theme design unless you purchase them from relevant web resources.
  • For optimal use of the theme it is best to work / write in text mode instead of visual mode
  • To use the flying text animation the free wordpress plugin AnimateIt is needed. All information can be found here : It´s free, very easy and intuitive! It´s also explained in my file of explanation of all elements 🙂
  • Support is provided via following e-mail address :


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