Divi Theme Page Layouts

Divi Theme Page Layouts

When you want to create a website with WordPress, the Divi Theme shines. It was made by Elegant Themes and comes with more than 250 pre-made layout packs. These layouts are made by pros and work with the Divi Builder. This means you can easily change them to suit your needs. All you need is a membership from Elegant Themes to use them. You can add these layouts to your WordPress site by installing Divi.

The Divi Theme lets you start in various ways. You can build from scratch, pick a ready layout, or copy an existing page. You’ll find it easy to design within Divi’s framework. The drag-and-drop feature of the Divi Builder is a game-changer. It lets you change layouts by moving elements around. You can change settings or delete parts of the page smoothly. Just remember to save your work often to avoid losing it. You can do this with keyboard shortcuts or by clicking on the screen.

Key Takeaways

  • The Divi Theme comes with over 250+ pre-made layout packs from Elegant Themes.
  • Layouts are easily customizable with the Divi Builder’s drag-and-drop feature.
  • Choosing a premade layout or starting from scratch becomes seamless with Divi.
  • Integration ensures that all design changes are fluid and efficient.
  • Regularly saving your design work is essential and can be done via keyboard shortcuts or on-screen options.

Introduction to Divi Theme

Get ready to explore the fascinating Divi Theme. It’s a top-notch WordPress theme created by Elegant Themes. Known for changing how websites are made, it comes with a visual builder full of features. This builder is perfect for creating great-looking, responsive designs easily.

What is Divi Theme?

Divi Theme is a game-changing WordPress theme. It’s celebrated for being flexible and easy to use. Made by Elegant Themes, it makes designing on the web fun and simple. Its visual builder helps you make detailed, responsive sites with ease.

Why Choose Divi for Your Website?

Choosing Divi for your site has many benefits. It starts with its wide range of ready-made designs. These designs are attractive and can be easily changed with a drag and a drop. This makes building beautiful, responsive sites enjoyable and straightforward.

Overview of Divi Builder Features

The Divi Builder stands out for making Divi even better. Here’s what it offers:

  • Drag-and-Drop Building: Easily move elements around for a seamless design experience.
  • Real-Time Design: See your changes instantly, no need to refresh.
  • Countless Content Elements: Add various modules to make your site’s content dynamic.

These tools are great for anyone, whether you’re just starting or a pro. Besides, the Divi Theme blends beauty with practicality. It lets you make impressive, responsive websites that are also great for SEO.

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Getting Started with Divi Layouts

Starting with Divi Layouts is important, but it is also simple. I’ll help you through this. This ensures an easy start with Divi on your WordPress Themes.

How to Install Divi Theme

First, become an Elegant Themes member. This gives you all you need. After your membership, download the Divi Theme from their site. Then, go to your WordPress dashboard. Click on Appearance, then Themes. From there, choose Add New, and select the Divi zip file you downloaded. Click Install, and then make it your theme by activating it.

Accessing Divi Premade Layout Packs

Once the Divi Theme is set, using the Premade Layout Packs is easy. Add a new page, then start the Divi Builder. You’ll see tabs for building from scratch, choosing a premade layout, or copying one. To see the options for Divi Premade Layout Packs, pick Choose a Premade Layout.

Loading the Divi Builder

The Drag and Drop Builder is powerful. Begin by picking a layout or a blank page. This builder makes organizing things easy. You can move sections around as you see fit. The Divi Builder shows you all changes in real time. This makes your design experience vibrant and responsive.

These steps open the door to more creative and productive website creation. With Divi, you’re ready to start building a stunning site. This site will captivate and involve your audience from the get-go.

Exploring Divi Premade Layout Packs

Welcome to Elegant Themes’ diverse world with Divi’s premade layout packs. These packs regularly introduce new designs for users. They simplify website creation, presenting finished designs for various fields.

Available Layout Packs

With over 900 layouts, Elegant Themes has a broad selection. These layouts are easy to use through the Divi Visual Builder. They cover everything from business sites to creative portfolios for your WordPress theme.

Types of Layouts Offered

The selection includes layouts for ecommerce, health, lifestyle blogs, and more. Each pack has multiple templates for a complete, unified site look.

Benefits of Using Premade Layout Packs

Using these packs saves time and offers professionally designed sites. They also provide high-quality images and graphics. Your site will not only look good but also work well on any device, in line with modern design trends.

How to Use Divi Theme Page Layouts

Using Divi Theme Page Layouts is easy and empowering. It’s great for building a new site or updating an old one. You get access to many layout packs. This allows you to pick the best one for your project quickly.

After choosing a layout, you can start customizing. The Divi Theme Page Layouts are very flexible. You can move things around, change sections, and tweak every detail to make your website stand out. The Divi Builder makes this process smooth.

Working with the Divi Builder feels seamless. You can drag and drop items to change them fast. This makes editing your site easy, whether you’re new to design or an expert. Divi Theme Page Layouts is perfect for all your design projects.

Customizing Your Divi Layout

Customizing your website with Divi is easy and powerful. Elegant Themes provides tools that make designing your site’s look and features simple.

Dragging and Dropping Elements

Divi stands out because of its drag and drop builder. You can move elements by clicking, dragging, and dropping them. It lets you see changes instantly as you move things around.

Editing Element Settings

With Divi, you can really dive into customizing. It lets you change any element’s text, images, and layout easily. You can tweak colors, fonts, and margins to fit your style without hassle.

Saving Your Customizations

It’s important to save your work in Divi as you go. There are easy options to save on the screen or using shortcuts. This way, your design is always current, and your work is secure. Divi helps designers at any level make striking websites.

By using Elegant Themes and the powerful Divi Builder, your website can be unique and top-notch. This helps your site shine in the online world.

Best Practices for Divi Layouts

To make your website shine with Divi Layouts, follow some key steps. This will help your site look great on any screen, be easy to find on search engines, and run smoothly and fast.

Ensuring Responsive Design

Your website should work well, no matter the device. Divi makes it easy to create designs that fit desktops, tablets, and phones. It uses flexible tools to adjust layouts for every screen perfectly.

Optimizing for SEO

Getting noticed on the web matters a lot. Divi comes with tools that help your site get ranked higher on search results. By using these, your content is more likely to show up when people search for it.

Enhancing Performance and Speed

Everyone wants a fast website. With Divi, your site will be quick to load and light on resources. This leads to less people leaving and more enjoying what you offer. Keep your site light by using the right images and scripts.

Examples of Stunning Divi Layouts

Divi Theme Layouts show both the quality designs by Elegant Themes and what users achieve. They prove how amazing and flexible this platform is. You can find designs for any field, making sure everyone finds what they need.

Top Divi Layouts from Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes puts together 124 free Divi layouts. They were last updated on January 2, 2024. There are designs for many areas, like Butcher Shops or Online Learning.

These designs are top-notch, giving any project a solid start.

Inspiring User-Created Layouts

The Divi Theme Layouts community adds their unique layouts. These designs are detailed and visually impressive. With Divi Builder, users make layouts for various needs.

From Fitness Trainers to Tattoo Shops, creative possibilities are endless.

Live Demos and Previews

Exploring Divi Theme Layouts lets you see live demos and previews. This hands-on experience shows what the layouts can do. It’s a chance to see layouts like Fine Dining or Nutrition Coaching in action.

This helps designers see how the layouts can fit in their work.

Advanced Techniques with Divi Builder

Diving deeper into Divi Builder opens up many advanced techniques. These can power up your web design. Key methods include using custom CSS, adding third-party plugins, and custom coding.

Using Custom CSS

With Divi Builder, you’re free to jazz up designs with custom CSS. It lets you tweak parts not changeable by standard settings. This way, you can make your site both look and work uniquely by adding specific CSS code.

Integrating Third-Party Plugins

Divi shines in playing nicely with lots of third-party plugins. So, if you want SEO boosts, e-commerce tools, or social media links, it’s all doable. This ability expands what your site can do in a brilliant way.

Implementing Custom Code

If codes make you smile, Divi warmly welcomes your skills. You can introduce unique features or fine details not normally available. Thanks to Divi’s adaptability, your site can get customized perfectly to your needs.

Using all these advanced features of Divi Builder opens up new creative possibilities. For any web design pro eager to explore and innovate, this is pure gold.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting

When using Divi Theme Page Layouts, you might run into problems. These can include your site loading slowly, seeing unexpected errors, and your layout, for some reason, won’t work.

To fix a slow-loading site, try cleaning your browser’s cache. Also, stop using caching plugins for a bit. Make sure all your themes and plugins are up to date. And don’t forget to check your server’s settings. Doing these things will keep your Drag and Drop Builder running well with your favorite WordPress Themes.

Unexpected errors happen sometimes. You can fix them by updating Divi and limiting your active plugins. Turning off your child theme for a while could help, too. Make sure your server settings are good. Keeping everything updated helps a lot. This ensures everything works smoothly when using Divi Theme Page Layouts.

If your site doesn’t respond, it might be because of cache or an old Divi version. To fix it, you could try a different browser. Or you might need to undo recent updates to your site. This can help find what’s causing the issue.

Trouble saving your pages? Start by checking your server settings. Make sure WordPress and Divi are both up to date. If that doesn’t work, try using the Divi Safe Mode. This feature helps isolate the problem. Also, take a look at any specific page or post causing trouble.

Is the Divi Builder not showing up? You can try to activate it manually in the Divi Theme Options. Or you can switch between the Latest Divi Builder mode and the Classic mode. Other steps include checking your custom code and child themes. Ensure your server meets the necessary requirements as well. Going through these will help you find what’s wrong.

Here’s a detailed look at common issues and their corresponding solutions:

IssuePotential Solutions
Slow LoadingClear browser cache, deactivate caching plugins, update Divi and plugins, check server settings
Unexpected ErrorsUpdate Divi, reduce plugins, deactivate child theme, check server settings
UnresponsivenessCheck for caching issues, update Divi, try a different browser, roll back Divi updates
Inability to SaveCheck server settings, Divi and WordPress updates, use Divi Safe Mode, evaluate specific issues
Builder Not ActiveActivate from Theme Options, enable Latest Builder Experience, remove custom code, check server requirements


The Divi Theme Page Layouts from Elegant Themes are top-notch for web design. They provide a superb place for making websites people will love. No matter if you’re experienced or starting, the Divi Builder shines. It’s easy to use and full of advanced tools, making top-notch results achievable for all.

Divine Theme offers many customizable page layouts. This lets you make all kinds of websites easily. Keeping your workspace tidy by removing unused templates is smart. It not only saves space but also makes your workflow smoother. By naming and sorting templates well, your design work gets easier, especially with multiple projects at hand.

Knowing how to manage both used and unused templates is vital. This is especially true for complex website structures. Cleaning out old templates regularly keeps your library in good shape. The Divi Theme’s tools aid in making standout websites that meet today’s web design and SEO standards. Using Divi to its maximum potential gives you an edge online. It turns your web design visions into real, impressive sites with little effort.


What is Divi Theme?

Divi Theme is a top-quality theme for WordPress. It’s made by Elegant Themes. It changes the game in web design. It has a flexible visual builder and lots of ready-made designs.

Why Choose Divi for Your Website?

It’s easy for beginners and powerful for pros. Divi has over 250 designs for different topics. This makes your website unique and pleasing to the eye.

What are some key features of the Divi Builder?

The Divi Builder is simple and lets you see changes live. It has many content elements. This lets you make your website just how you want it without trouble.

How do I install the Divi Theme?

First, join Elegant Themes. Then download and add the theme to your site. Finally, activate it in your WordPress settings.

How can I access Divi Premade Layout Packs?

After Divi is ready, add a new page. This will open the Divi Builder. Then, in the “Premade Layouts” tab, you can choose a design you like.

What is the process for loading the Divi Builder?

Create a new page or pick one to edit. Then, click on “Enable Divi Builder.” You’re now ready to start building your page.

What types of layout packs are available with Divi?

Divi has many layouts for all needs. You can find designs for online shops, blogs, or business sites. Each one has several ready-to-use pages.

What are the benefits of using premade layout packs?

These packs save you time. They make your site look professional. Plus, they come with free images and graphics. This makes building your site fun and easy.

How do I use Divi Theme Page Layouts?

Pick a layout and add it to your page. Then, use the Divi Builder to make it yours. You can move things around and change how they look easily.

What is the process for dragging and dropping elements in Divi?

To move something, click and hold it. Then put it where you want on the page. This simple tool helps you design your page just right.

How do I edit element settings in Divi?

Click on an element to open its settings. This lets you change text, colors, and more. It’s a quick way to make everything match your style.

How do I save my customizations in Divi?

Click ‘Save’ in the bottom right corner. Or use “Ctrl + S” (or “Cmd + S” on macOS). Your changes are now safe and sound.

How can I ensure responsive design with Divi layouts?

Divi makes sites that look good on all screens. You can check and tweak your design for phones or tablets right in the Divi Builder. This way, everyone gets a great experience.

How do I optimize my Divi website for SEO?

Divi helps your site be search engine friendly. It’s fast and looks good on mobiles. To do even more for SEO, add a plugin like Yoast SEO.

What are some tips for enhancing the performance and speed of my Divi site?

To make your site faster, use small images and cache. Also, check your code. This can really speed up your site, especially with Divi’s fast layouts.

Where can I find examples of stunning Divi layouts?

Check out Elegant Themes’ website for the best designs. You can see them in action with live demos. Community forums are also a great place to find inspiration.

Can I use custom CSS with Divi Builder?

Yes, you can add your own CSS. This lets you change styles even more. It’s great for designers who want full control over their site’s look.

How do I integrate third-party plugins with Divi?

Just install your plugin like you normally would. Divi works well with most. You can then use it through the Divi Builder without any problems.

What should I do if I encounter issues with Divi Theme Page Layouts?

If you have trouble, check Divi’s guides or ask for help. Elegant Themes’ support and online forums are great for getting advice. They’re always ready to help.

Source Links

Best Divi Themes

Best Divi Themes

Designing websites with Divi themes is easy, whether you’re just starting out or you’re a pro. They come with ready-to-use sections and layouts. This lets anyone personalize their site beautifully. You’ll find over 2000 free layouts waiting for you, as well as 1000 more to buy in the Divi Marketplace. So, creating your dream website is not only possible but also fun and fast.

Key Takeaways

  • Divi themes are ideal for creating personalized and professional websites.
  • Over 2000 free layouts are available for Divi customers.
  • An additional 1000+ layouts can be purchased from the Divi Marketplace.
  • Divi themes offer customizable options that cater to all design needs.
  • These themes streamline the web design process, enhancing efficiency.

Introduction to Divi Themes

Divi themes provide a great start for making a website stand out. They include Divi theme templates that have everything you need. This makes designing a website much easier. They let designers make sites that are both creative and useful.

The Divi visual builder makes it simple to adjust these templates. You can change your site to do e-commerce, look like a blog, or be for a company. With Divi design options, the possibilities are huge. You can turn any template into something that’s exactly what you want.

Even people new to design can make sites that look professional with Divi themes. There are many layout types to choose from. Divi themes help all users make sites that are both beautiful and easy to use. They boost your productivity and creativity as a designer.

Premade ModulesCollections of functional elements ready to be customized and added to any page.
Full-Page LayoutsComplete webpage designs that can be tailored to specific needs using the Divi visual builder.
Section TemplatesSegmented parts of web pages, such as headers or footers, which enhance web design.
Design FlexibilityVersatile modification options to adapt themes for varied website requirements.

Top Divi Theme Designs to Enhance Your Website

Top Divi theme designs come in three standout choices. These choices offer great flexibility for modern website layouts. Let’s check out DiviMade, Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle, and the Home Decor Layout Pack. They are the best Divi layouts for design inspiration.


DiviMade is famous for 33+ versatile landing page layouts and more than 1000 premade sections. It has over 230 styled module layouts to inspire your design. Whether you’re new or an expert, this tool is great. Its 1-click demo import feature helps you use modern website layouts fast, in many different industries.

Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle

The Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle shines with a massive 6350 layouts. It covers all kinds of projects, like e-commerce and blogs. With so many options, you can create the perfect Divi layouts for any project. It offers great design freedom and easy integration.

FeatureDiviMadeUltimate Divi Modules UI BundleHome Decor Layout Pack
Premade Sections1000+63507
Styled Modules230+6350
Landing Pages33+N/A7
Target IndustriesDiverseVariousHome Decor, Business
WooCommerce IntegrationN/AYesYes
Free for Divi CustomersNoNoYes

Home Decor Layout Pack

The Home Decor Layout Pack has seven unique designs for e-commerce in home decor. It’s flexible for other businesses, too. This pack works with WooCommerce for smooth online shopping. And, it’s free for all Divi customers, giving you modern layouts without extra cost.

Divi Child Themes: What and Why

Divi child themes make website design easier and faster. They provide ready-made theme designs for various needs like business, art, and online shops. This saves a lot of time at the start.

The great thing about Divi child themes is they skip the hard part of setting up a website. Yet, they still let you be creative with the Divi Builder. If you need beautiful and functional website designs, start with these themes.

These themes even have special features like WooCommerce for online shops and other plugins for complex sites.

Let’s look at what Divi child themes can do with a quick comparison:

Pre-designed LayoutsReduces design time, offers professional aesthetics
Divi Builder FlexibilityAllows for easy customization and control
WooCommerce IntegrationEnables seamless ecommerce functionality
Plugin CompatibilityEnhances website capabilities for diverse needs

Each Divi child theme lets you make a special website without much hard work. They come in various styles but all help you to stand out online with ease.

Popular Divi Child Themes

Looking to boost your business site? Themes like Molti, DiviCommerce, and Phoenix Super Theme can help. They offer lots of pre-designed options. This makes your design work easier. They look great and work well for all web projects.


Molti is known for its vibrant and flexible design. It packs over 22 page layouts. You’ll find cool features like advanced menus and content switches. These things make it perfect for modern business sites. Users will love how seamless and dynamic it feels.


For online stores using WooCommerce, there’s DiviCommerce. It has 23 layouts made for shop pages. It’s not just pretty; it’s also easy to use. This makes it a top choice for online sellers who want their store to be user-friendly.

Phoenix Super Theme

Phoenix Super Theme offers more than 100 designs. You can build really unique page layouts with it. This includes designs for different industries and useful sections. It’s great for making modern business sites stand out.

ThemeKey FeaturesUse Cases
Molti22+ page layouts, advanced dropdown menus, content switchesVersatile for modern business websites
DiviCommerce23 integrated layouts for shop pages, WooCommerce compatibleIdeal for creating intuitive shopping experiences
Phoenix Super Theme100+ modular designs, industry-specific homepagesHigh customizability for diverse industry applications

Best Divi Themes for Business Websites

Choosing the best Divi themes for your business is key to looking professional online. These themes are both attractive and functional. They offer specific themes for different industries. It helps your brand look good and stand out.

Divi has a lot of themes you can customize, with over 2000 layouts for free. There are also over 1000 more layouts for sale in the Divi Marketplace. Some packs are very popular:

  • DiviMade Layout Pack: It has 33+ layouts for different industries.
  • Basic Wireframe UI Kit: It includes 568 sections and 28 page layouts.
  • Home Decor Layout Pack: It offers seven fully designed pages for home, about, and shop.

If your business needs a lot of options, the Ultimate Divi Modules pack is great. It offers over 6000 layouts for different parts of your site. Plus, there are 136 unique header designs to choose from.

When picking a theme, look at both how it works and how it looks. Choose themes that let you make custom landing pages and work well on all devices. This makes sure your site is pretty and works right.

Theme PackKey Features
DiviMade Layout Pack33+ landing pages, industry-specific designs
Basic Wireframe UI Kit568 sections, 28 page layouts
Home Decor Layout Pack7 designed pages including shop pages
Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle6350 sections and modules, 82+ categories
Divi Headers Pack136 header designs

Working with reliable Divi providers gets you themes that are top-notch and easy to change. The right Divi themes can help your business look serious online. They let you show off what you do well and connect with customers in a good way.

Affordable Divi Theme Bundles for Budget-friendly Designs

These affordable Divi theme bundles are great for making awesome websites without spending too much. They’re perfect for individuals or groups who want top-notch designs at a low cost. With these bundles, creating a website is not just simple but fun too.

Features and Benefits

Choosing affordable Divi theme bundles gives you many features to improve your website design. You get:

  • Many layouts and modules
  • Options to customize your site perfectly
  • Easy setup and use
  • Works well on all devices

Plus, you also get updates and support. This means your site stays valuable and useful. You can make digital spaces that look professional and catch your audience’s eye.

Top Picks

Here are some top budget-friendly Divi designs that offer both quality and affordability:

Theme BundleFeaturesPrice
DiviMade Bundle33+ landing page layouts, 1000+ premade sections$49
Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle6350 layouts, versatile for different project types$59
Home Decor Layout PackSeven bespoke layouts, WooCommerce integrationFree

These top Divi themes bring together cost-friendliness and great design. They’re perfect for anyone starting a personal blog or a business website. With these bundles, you get a lot for your money.

Responsive and Customizable Divi Themes

In today’s world, responsive Divi themes are vital. They make sure a website looks great on any device. The ability to use Divi‘s over 2,000 pre-made layouts helps a lot. These layouts are a great start for making a website that looks good on phones, tablets, and computers.

What’s great about Divi is how much you can change and make it your own. You get to control the design of everything. Choose from many different fonts, or add your own. You can also use cool effects to make things look just how you want them to.

Adding animations to your site is easy with Divi. You can pick the type, speed, and direction of the animations. You can even make your own custom shadows for text and images. Every little detail can be adjusted to look perfect.

Divi also lets you create your own unique backgrounds with colors, pictures, or videos. This makes your site stand out. It also lets you show different content based on things like the time, who’s visiting, or where they are. This personalizes the experience for your visitors even more.

Divi is designed to be really fast. It only loads what it needs, cutting down on waiting time. This makes your website run smoother and quicker for people who visit.

Pre-made LayoutsOver 2,000 available for diverse design needs
Web FontsHundreds of options to choose from or upload
Filters & EffectsHue, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, Invert, Blur, Opacity, Sepia
Custom ShadowsFull control over size, position, color, intensity
AnimationsCustomizable type, speed, direction
BackgroundsCustom colors, gradients, images, videos
Display ConditionsShow/hide elements based on user role, date, post info, etc.
Loading EfficiencyLoads only necessary CSS for used modules

Professional Divi Layouts for All Industries

Creating a website that shows your business’s professional side is important. Professional Divi layouts help a lot. They are made beautifully for different industries. This means you get a design that works well and looks good.

Are you in the arts, business, healthcare, or selling things online? You’ll find industry-specific Divi themes useful. They make your website look good and say what you want. These designs make it easy for visitors to enjoy using your site.

Divi designs work well for all kinds of businesses. You can find sleek designs for businesses or creative ones for artists. These diverse Divi layouts are for everyone. You can make them fit your business easily.

Tailored Divi themes also come with important features. Things like contact forms and picture sliders are key for a great online presence. They help professionals set up or improve their websites. This way, their online image shines.

Creative ArtsDiverse gallery options, easy customizationShowcase portfolios effectively
Corporate BusinessProfessional layouts, integrated formsStreamlined communication channels
HealthcareAppointment booking systems, service pagesEnhanced patient engagement
E-commerceWooCommerce support, product pagesBoosted sales through user-friendly designs

In the end, professional Divi layouts offer a lot to any business. They not only look good but also work well. This makes customers visit your site more and like it better.


Exploring Divi themes shows they’re great for making stunning websites. They offer many design options for various fields like photography or dental clinics, making them the best Divi themes around.

Their standout feature is how they save time for web design. Each Divi child theme comes with unique designs and options. This lets users easily make attractive websites. The top Divi layouts adjust well to any screen, ensuring mobile-friendliness.

Divi child themes also boost your site’s search visibility. They’re separate from the main theme, so your changes won’t get lost. This is a big plus during the website design process. Plus, they have the Divi Builder for simple tweaks. There are also support and user groups for help.

In short, Divi themes offer many ways to make your site look good and work well. With their help, users can create standout sites in any field. Whether starting from scratch or with a template, Divi gives all the tools needed for a top website.


What are the best Divi themes for creating a professional website?

Top Divi themes for a pro website are DiviMade, Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle, and Phoenix Super Theme. They offer cool Divi layouts and sleek designs. They fit any need, from selling online to showcasing art.

What makes Divi theme templates so versatile?

Divi theme templates shine with a big library of modules, sections, and designs. They are easy to adjust with Divi’s Visual Builder. This makes it simple to create a site that looks and works just as you’d like.

What are Divi child themes and why should I use them?

Divi child themes are premade layouts that boost your site’s look and function. They let you start with a full design ready to be tweaked. This is perfect for those who love Divi but don’t want to start from zero.

Which are some popular Divi child themes?

Well-liked Divi child themes are Molti, DiviCommerce, and Phoenix Super Theme. Molti charms with its lively design. DiviCommerce is great for online shops. Phoenix Super Theme stands out with over 100 designs for all kinds of businesses.

What features should I look for in business website themes?

For business themes, search for professional Divi layouts and adaptable elements. Make sure they fit your industry. Also, check they work well with important plugins. This makes your website look good, work well, and meet your business goals.

Are there affordable Divi theme bundles available?

Yes, you can find budget-friendly Divi theme bundles with quality designs. They come with lots of layouts and customizable features. They work great on many devices. They’re a smart choice for building a site without spending a lot.

Why is it important to choose responsive and customizable Divi themes?

Picking responsive, customizable Divi themes is key for your site to look good on any device. You can also tailor these designs to match your brand perfectly. This helps your site look right and work well for all visitors.

How do professional Divi layouts cater to different industries?

Professional Divi layouts meet the specific needs and look of different fields. This includes business, art, health, and online selling. They add features that make your site work better and speak clearly to your audience.

Source Links

Divi Theme Free

Divi Theme Free

Getting into the world of WordPress Themes might seem tough. But with the Divi Theme Free, the process is easier. It brings a big change to Website Design. This theme’s visual builder makes creating websites simple. It’s perfect for both beginners and experts. With Divi Theme Free, you don’t use the usual WordPress editor. Instead, you get an editor that’s easy to use. It helps you make even the most complicated designs quickly and smoothly.

The Divi Theme Free comes with everything you need. It has a drag-and-drop builder, live visual editing, and lots of design tools. This is more than just a builder. Divi Theme Free lets you be creative without limits. It combines great design with easy use beautifully.

Key Takeaways

  • Intuitive Visual Editor: Simplifies the design process for all user levels.
  • Drag-and-Drop Builder: Easily customize elements without coding.
  • Real-Time Visual Editing: See changes instantly as you design.
  • Expansive Design Options: Access to numerous customization tools.
  • Comprehensive System: Not just a page builder, but a complete web design solution.

Why Choose Divi Theme Free for Your Website

Divi Theme Free stands out when picking a theme for your site. It offers a great mix of ease and power. This makes it awesome for everyone, from beginners to pros.

Versatile and Easy-to-Use

What sets Divi Theme Free apart is how flexible it is. It suits many design needs with its top-notch tools. Plus, it’s known for being super easy to use, making web design stress-free.

Thanks to the Drag and Drop Builder, I build web pages easily and quickly. You can see changes as you make them, like moving pieces around. This makes turning your ideas into a site a breeze.

No Coding Required

When you choose Divi Theme Free, you don’t need to know how to code. It’s amazing, right? Now, everyone can craft a professional, gorgeous site without coding skills.

This approach has really changed the game in Web Development. Anyone, whether they’ve built sites before or not, loves the simplicity and power of Divi Theme Free. It’s a smart pick for any project.

The Benefits of Using the Divi Visual Page Builder

The Divi Visual Page Builder boosts theme customization efforts. It uses a front-end editor for easy, creative design. This makes the whole process enjoyable for anyone.

Drag & Drop Building

The standout feature of Divi Visual Page Builder is drag-and-drop. You can add elements and move them without coding. It’s perfect for customizing your site quickly and efficiently.

True Visual Editing

Divi’s editing lets you see changes as they happen. This means you get instant feedback on your design tweaks. It makes the whole customization process smooth and fun.

Saves Time and Effort

Time is key in web design. Divi Visual Page Builder includes features like inline editing and undo. These save time and make designing a great user experience easier. They also help you avoid mistakes, boosting efficiency.

Responsive Design: How Divi Makes Your Website Mobile-Friendly

In today’s world, making websites look good on phones is super important. The Divi Theme Free is great at this. It makes sure your website looks right on any size of screen. This means everyone gets to enjoy your site, no matter what device they use.

Customizable for All Devices

Divi is known for letting you customize how your site looks on different screens. You can adjust how everything appears on desktops, tablets, and phones. This way, your site always looks and works great, no matter what kind of screen it’s on.

Quick and Easy Adjustments

Being able to easily change your site for mobile users is key. Divi lets you make these changes without a lot of hassle. This helps make sure your site is perfect for everyone, no matter which device they use.

Advanced Customization Options with Divi Theme Free

Exploring Divi Theme Free opens up many advanced ways to customize your website. It’s perfect whether you’re a developer wanting precise control or a designer looking to keep things consistent. Divi Theme Free meets a wide range of needs.

Custom CSS Control

If you’re into coding, the custom CSS control feature is a great asset. It allows you to make unique changes to your pages. This means you can fine-tune the style and function of every single part of your site. Such CSS Customization is key for creating a professional site look.

Global Elements & Styles

Divi Theme Free also lets you keep your branding consistent throughout your site with ease. With advanced theme customization, changing one design aspect can update your entire site. This is very handy for big websites where a unified look matters a lot.

Background Images, Colors, Gradients, & Videos

You can take your site’s look to the next level with backgrounds using images, colors, gradients, and videos. These features help you create stunning page layouts that draw people in. Adding media and dynamic backgrounds makes your site a more exciting place to visit.

Customization OptionDescription
Custom CSS ControlDeep modifications through user-defined CSS for precise styling and functionality.
Global Elements & StylesEnables consistent branding across the site by applying changes globally.
Background Images, Colors, Gradients & VideosVariety of background options to create visually appealing and dynamic pages.

2000+ Pre-made Designs and Layouts

The Divi Theme Free offers a library with over 2,000 designs and layouts. These are ready for various website projects. It gives a big boost to your web design work quickly.

Templates for Every Niche

No matter what site you’re creating, from business to eCommerce or a beauty blog, Divi has templates for you. This wide selection ensures there’s something for every niche. You can then focus on adding your unique content and creative design.

Import and Customize

With Divi, importing layouts is easy – just a click away. This makes starting your site simple. You can then tweak these templates to match your taste. Plus, updates and fresh designs are always coming. So, your site will stay new and stylish.

What you get with Divi:

  • Diverse templates for various niches
  • Simple import and customization options
  • Weekly additions to keep up with design trends
    • FeatureBenefit
      Over 2,000 Pre-made Divi LayoutsInstant access to a wide variety of designs
      Easy Import LayoutsQuick setup and customization
      Page Templates for Every NicheAdaptability for all types of projects

Enhance Your Website with Divi Plugins

Divi has a set of amazing WordPress Plugins to improve your site. These tools are not just for extra features. They also boost how you market your website. This leads to more people visiting and a better experience for users.

Built-in Marketing Tools

Divi’s Plugins include tools to make marketing easier. They let you use smart marketing strategies within WordPress. You’ll save time and work because these tools are made to fit right into your website.

Bloom Pop-ups and Monarch Social Sharing

Bloom is a plugin from Divi that crafts eye-catching email pop-ups. This helps gather more email subscribers effortlessly. Monarch is another great plugin for sharing on social media. It makes it easy for users to share your content on different platforms. Both of these tools really amp up engagement and boost conversions on your website.

Perfect for Freelancers, Agencies, and Website Owners

The Divi Theme Free is great for many people. It helps freelancers, agencies, and those who own websites. As a Freelancer WordPress Theme, it makes life easier for design pros. They can work better and faster on their projects.

Agency WordPress Themes like Divi help teams work well together. It has tools that make designing websites together smooth. This theme boosts productivity and creativity for agencies.

The User-friendly Divi Theme is perfect for anyone, even without coding skills. It lets website owners easily make beautiful and useful websites. You can use its simple visual editor and ready designs to get your site going.

“Divi Theme Free revolutionizes web development by offering an accessible yet powerful platform that meets the needs of freelancers, agencies, and individual website owners alike.”

User TypeBenefits
FreelancersSpeed up project delivery and utilize diverse design tools
AgenciesEnhance team collaboration and streamline the design process
Website OwnersEasily navigate and customize with no coding needed

The Future of WYSIWYG: Visual Page Editing

The Divi Theme Free’s WYSIWYG editor is taking us into the future of web design. It’s all about making things simple and fun. With the visual editor, you actually see what you’re doing as you build your site. This makes it easy to turn your ideas into real web pages.

Inline Text Editing

One cool feature of Divi is inline text editing. It lets you click on any text on your page and start typing right away. You see your changes instantly. This beats the old way of editing text off in some backend. It makes creating content feel natural and smooth.

Undo, Redo, & Revisions

Ever made a change on your site that you regret? Divi has your back with undo and redo. You can also look back at previous versions whenever you like. This way, you can try out new things without any stress. It’s all about being creative without the worry of messing up your site.

Hover State Styling

Hover state styling makes your site more interactive. It means elements on your page can change when someone hovers over them. This feature helps make your site’s design both eye-catching and engaging. And, it keeps visitors interested in exploring more.

Divi Theme Free combines these amazing features with a friendly design approach. This makes it perfect for both new and experienced designers. You can make your site not just good-looking but also fun to use.

Save and Manage Your Designs Efficiently

The Divi Theme Free is great for efficient design management. It lets you save and manage your custom designs easily. This makes your work smoother and means you can use your designs on many projects. It lets you keep a full collection of your unique designs.

Reuse Custom Designs

One key benefit of Divi is the chance to reuse custom designs. You can save your special layouts and modules. Then, use these in upcoming projects. This makes building new sites much quicker and easier. It helps keep your design work efficient and steady.

Create Advanced Design Systems

Divi lets users make advanced design systems that boost how well they work. These systems let you put advanced design themes in many projects. They keep a steady brand look. With Divi’s web development tools, like global features and all-site settings, users can set up united, great-looking spaces without trouble.

Additionally, Divi has more than 200 website elements and modules. It also has the ability to edit designs that work great on all devices. Together, these tools make better user experiences. They also make the process of web development quicker and smoother.

Experience Advanced Web Development with Divi Theme Free

Exploring advanced web development is thrilling with Divi Theme Free. It offers a wide range of features. This theme is perfect for developers looking for precision and creativity.

Advanced Code Editing

Divi Theme Free has a powerful code editor. It gives developers the tools they need for detailed work. You can make small tweaks or do big custom projects with ease.

Transform Controls & Effects

Dive into creative element positioning with Divi’s transform controls. You can make your website look really unique. It also makes your site more engaging for visitors. These features are essential for a standout web presence.

Advanced Animations and Scroll Effects

Add life to your website with cool animations and effects. They make your site more fun and interactive. These effects adjust as users scroll, making your site dynamic and engaging.

Free Divi Layouts: Jump-start Your Projects

With Divi Theme Free, you get a wide selection of layouts designed by pros from across the globe. These starter layouts for Divi cover many project types, like business sites or animal care blogs. I’ll show you how these importable layout packs make designing easier.

Hand-Picked Layouts

The Free Divi Layouts come with unique designs. You’ll find things like the Divi Agency Layout for downloading at no cost. It’s perfect for both professional sites and stunning first pages. Here’s what’s available in both free and paid options:

Layout TypeFree/Premium
Divi Agency LayoutFree Download
Divi Company LayoutFree Download
Divi Landing LayoutFree Download
Pool Services3 Premium Layouts
Landing32 Premium Layouts
Construction23 Premium Layouts
Beauty Salon9 Premium Layouts

Easy to Import and Use

Importing these layouts is very easy. First, pick your layout and download it. Then, drag and drop it into your Divi builder. With importable layout packs, starting your project is a breeze.

There’s a layout for every need and niche in the Divi library. From education sites to creative galleries, you’ll find what you need. This makes it simple to customize and bring your vision to life.


The Divi Theme Free is a game-changer for web design on WordPress, thanks to its ultimate page builder. It makes designing sites easy for everyone, whether new or experienced. Its many design options show how flexible it is. And, it even offers 8 new coming soon pages for free.

These free designs can be used however you like, even commercially, thanks to the GPL. This opens up a world of creative possibilities. Divi is backed by Elegant Themes, with almost a million fans and strong social media support. They offer free packs for specific uses, like writers, software, and skincare, showing how versatile Divi really is.

Considered the top WordPress theme worldwide, Divi is a must for beautiful and functional websites. Its advanced tools help build amazing sites easily. Divi lets you see what your site will look like as you build it. This makes it a favorite for many designers. Overall, using Divi gives you an edge in the fast-changing world of web design.


What is Divi Theme Free and where can I download it?

Divi Theme Free is a leading WordPress theme. It changes website design with its visual builder. You can get it from Elegant Themes website.

Is coding knowledge required to use Divi Theme Free?

No, coding skills are not needed. Divi Theme Free is easy for everyone. It has a drag-and-drop builder. This means you don’t have to write code.

How does the drag-and-drop builder simplify website design?

The drag-and-drop builder makes design easy. You just drag elements to move or delete them. This simplicity helps make beautiful sites without coding.

Can Divi Theme Free be used for mobile-optimized designs?

Yes, it’s great for mobile-friendly websites. Divi Theme Free adjusts for all devices. Plus, you can tweak designs for each type of device.

What customization options are available with Divi Theme Free?

There are many ways to customize with Divi Theme Free. You get control over CSS, global styles, and more. Also, you can use various backgrounds, from images to videos.

How many pre-made designs and layouts does Divi Theme Free provide?

There are over 2,000 designs ready to use. They cover many topics and are updated often. This variety helps keep your site fresh and current.

Are there any built-in marketing tools within Divi Theme Free?

Yes, you get Bloom for emails and Monarch for sharing. These tools improve how your site connects with the world. They are great for marketing and keeping users engaged.

Who can benefit from using Divi Theme Free?

Freelancers, agencies, and all website owners can use it. It’s effective, friendly to use, and filled with features. This makes it fit for many different people.

What features make Divi Theme Free ideal for WYSIWYG editing?

It has inline editing for text. Plus, it offers a strong undo/redo and hover styles. These features make designing pages easy and efficient.

How can I efficiently manage and save my designs in Divi Theme Free?

You can save and reuse designs easily. It lets you make systems for design across projects. This helps keep your work consistent and saves time.

Does Divi Theme Free support advanced web development features?

Yes, it has tools for advanced web work. These include a powerful code editor and options for effects. This makes it great for developers too.

Are there free Divi layouts available to help start my projects?

Absolutely, Divi Theme Free has many layouts to pick from. They are quick to use, great for starting any new project.

Source Links

Divi Theme Examples

Divi Theme Examples

Created by Elegant Themes, Divi has changed the game in website design and development. It’s used by over 974,872 people globally, making the Divi WordPress Theme a key part of the WordPress world. It has made a big impact in many fields. For example, look at Techint Labs in technology and the creative work of White Gorilla and Dajo Creative. They all show the power of Divi.

The wide range of Divi Website Designs proves its power and versatility. Need ideas or just curious about what Divi can do? The examples show the amazing features and flexibility Divi provides.

Key Takeaways

  • Divi is a product of Elegant Themes, empowering over 974,872 customers worldwide.
  • The Divi WordPress Theme supports a dynamic WordPress community.
  • Exemplary websites such as Techint Labs and White Gorilla demonstrate Divi’s capabilities.
  • The showcase of Divi Website Designs highlights its versatility.
  • Divi offers outstanding design flexibility and capabilities for various industries.

Introduction to Divi WordPress Theme

Divi is a standout toolkit for making amazing sites within WordPress. It includes a robust page builder to finely adjust every part of your site. This puts the power of detailed Divi Theme Customization in users’ hands.

What is the Divi Theme?

Elegant Themes created the Divi Theme, offering many design features. Its advanced page builder makes crafting unique sites easy. This theme stands out by offering complete control over how your site looks.

Why Choose Divi for Your Website?

People love Divi for its huge selection of over 2000 templates made for different fields. It’s great for showcasing your brand uniquely. With this variety, Divi leads the way among WordPress themes in the United States.

  1. Flexibility: Offers complete control over the design.
  2. Template Library: Features over 2000 layout designs.
  3. User-Friendly: Simple, intuitive customization process.

Choosing Divi connects you with a community that cherishes great design and ease of customizations. It’s a top pick for businesses that want to impress with their Divi Theme Showcases.

Advantages of Using Divi Theme

The Divi Theme has many benefits for different types of businesses. It has a wide selection of templates. These templates help businesses find designs that fit their industry and style.

Divi comes with a split testing system. This lets users compare different website versions. They can see which one attracts more visitors. Using this system can help businesses improve their website’s effectiveness.

The Divi Builder is a key feature that many love. It allows for more detailed design customization. With this tool, anyone can create unique and beautiful websites. It’s easy to use, even for those new to website building.

Notable Features of Divi Theme

The Divi Theme really catches the eye with its looks and its many uses. I’ll show you some big features of Divi that make it a top pick for designers. It offers lots of flexibility and customization options.

Divi Builder

The Divi Builder is at the heart of the Divi Theme. It lets users change not only the content but also the headers, footers, and sidebars. Using drag-and-drop, you can fix every part of your site to look just right. It has more than 200 design elements, perfect for making Divi Theme Examples.

Pre-built Layouts

Divi’s many pre-made layouts also shine. They are ready for a tech blog, an artist’s portfolio, and more. You can make them fit your brand easily. Thanks to Divi Theme Tutorials, even beginners can use them to make their site look great.

Here’s a quick look at what some of these features offer:

Divi BuilderCustomizable headers, footers, sidebarsFull site control
Pre-built LayoutsDiverse design templatesEasy customization for various niches
Design ElementsOver 200 elementsEnhanced creativity and functionality

Using these features lets you get the most out of Divi. You can create websites that truly show off your brand.

Best Practices for Divi Theme Customization

Making the Divi WordPress Theme your own is all about using its many special features. Adding animations and motion make your site fun and modern. They bring a site built with Divi Page Layouts to life.

Placing your site’s content right is also crucial in Divi Theme tweaking. It makes things easy to find and shows off what’s important. Here’s what you should do:

  • Use animations sparingly to avoid overwhelming users while highlighting important sections.
  • Leverage dynamic assets like videos and interactive elements to keep visitors engaged.
  • Ensure content placement follows a logical flow, guiding users through the site intuitively.

Here’s a table that lists the key tips for customizing Divi WordPress Theme:

AnimationsUse for highlighting key content or drawing attention to specific sections.
Motion EffectsAdd depth and a modern touch, but use sparingly.
Dynamic AssetsInclude videos or interactive elements to enhance user engagement.
Content PlacementStrategically place content to guide user navigation and improve UX.

These practices help make your Divi Page Layouts shine. They turn your websites into works of art that work smoothly.

Top Divi Theme Examples for Inspiration

Finding great websites through Divi Theme Showcases highlights awesome design abilities. It also gives ideas for our own future projects. Take, for instance, Baitic’s design shows off Divi’s tech-look for companies. It’s sleek and up-to-date.

The Buy from Tasmania site is another great pick. It works perfectly with WooCommerce, showing off its eCommerce strengths smoothly.

Check out 9AM Cinematography’s site. It’s all about videos and shows off Divi Theme’s adaptability. The layout makes the content fun and easy to explore. It grabs visitors with great visuals.

Lastly, Poppy Carter’s portfolio is a must-see. It uses Divi’s custom options to make remarkable sites. Each page tells a unique story through its stunning design.

Favorite Divi Page Layouts

The Divi WordPress Theme has many page layouts for different needs. They show how flexible and creative Divi Website Designs can be. Let’s look at some top layouts for business and portfolio websites.

Business Websites

Divi’s pre-built layouts make business websites look professional. Sites like Nomad Capitalist and Natural Chef Mallorca show how effective Divi can be. They offer a wide range of layouts so every business can find the right one.

The Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle is a great deal at $29. It includes over 6350 designs for different parts of your site. This makes it a must-have for anyone building a business website.

Portfolio Websites

Divi is great for portfolio websites that need to showcase creativity. Look at sites like Devlin Photos and Veronica Ariel to see what’s possible. The DiviMade layout pack is a top choice for portfolio sites looking for a unique touch.

For creative professionals, the free Home Decor Layout Pack is a great option. It has seven fully designed pages. With over 2000 free layouts available, your portfolio can easily stand out.

Layout PackNumber of LayoutsPrice
Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle6350$29
DiviMade Layout Pack33+
Divi Headers Pack980+
Basic Wireframe UI Kit28 pages, 568 sections
Home Decor Layout Pack7 pagesFree
Divi Marketplace Layouts1000+$28.99 – $36

Stunning Divi Website Designs

It’s amazing that over 2 million website owners pick Divi themes. Discovering Divi Theme Examples by White Gorilla and others shows its prowess. These designs use big type, smooth animations, smart spaces, and simple style, making great looks.

When you use Divi, you get 200 elements and 2000 layouts. This opens up many ways to make your site unique. The Divi Builder gives you more power than the regular editor. You can adjust every part of your site, like headers and footers, easily. This Divi Theme Customization lets you create sleek, complex designs smoothly.

  • Technology companies
  • Online marketplaces
  • Cinematography agencies
  • Photographers
  • Branding agencies
  • Fashion designers

Divi is used by all kinds of businesses, from tech to fashion and more. It comes with cool features like animations and video backgrounds. These features make sites not only work well but also look great. Divi shows how a website can be both useful and beautiful.

Design ElementsOver 200 elements and 2000 layouts
CustomizationHeaders, footers, sidebars, beyond content areas
AnimationsSmooth scroll, parallax, video backgrounds
Use CaseseCommerce, portfolios, business websites

The examples in the article show how amazing and versatile Divi is. From cool online stores to striking portfolios, Divi can help realize any idea. You can make every detail reflect your brand. This makes Divi great for any online project.

Real-world Divi Theme Showcases

Over 2 million site owners use Divi themes for their websites. It’s a powerful tool with more than 200 elements and 2000 layouts. These are designed for all kinds of needs. Some of the top Divi Theme Examples include sites like Techint Labs and White Gorilla.

Techint Labs

Techint Labs stands out in the Divi Theme Showcases. This digital agency uses the Divi Builder for more options than the Gutenberg editor. Their site is beautifully designed and easy to use, making their brand stand out. Divi proves to be a top pick for those who want a complete web solution.

White Gorilla

White Gorilla, a creative agency, fully uses Divi’s features. Their site has great content spacing and a stunning layout. They benefit from Divi’s easy-to-use elements and ready-to-use designs. These Divi Theme Showcases show how flexible Divi is for different fields. It’s evidence of the innovation behind choosing Divi for web work.

The article showcases 12 websites made with Divi themes in various fields. It shows the success and wide use of Divi around the world. These Divi Theme Examples show the high level of creativity and skill Divi enables. They explain why over 2 million people use this adaptable theme.

Learning Through Divi Theme Tutorials

Want to improve your Divi Website Designs? Start with Divi Theme Tutorials. They teach everything from simple layouts to complex site edits. Whether you’re new or expert, you’ll keep learning.

  • How to build dynamic pages with the Divi Builder
  • Ways to adjust modules for your brand
  • Adding animation and moving effects
  • Using cool CSS options for special styles Divi Website Designs

These lessons come with hands-on examples. They help you use each idea in real projects. With videos and a supportive community, mastering Divi is enjoyable and doable.

“Learning never exhausts the mind.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Thanks to Divi Theme Tutorials, my design skills have improved a lot. They help me turn creative ideas into great websites. It’s an exciting journey.

Tutorial TypeKey Focus
BeginnerIntroduction to Divi Builder and basic elements
IntermediateCustomizing page layouts and integrating plugins
AdvancedComplex animation effects and advanced CSS

Exploring these varied tutorials turns Divi Website Designs into a creative challenge you’ll love.


The Divi WordPress Theme offers more than just building pages. It gives users access to a wide range of Divi Page Layouts. These layouts are eye-catching and suit many design needs.

Divi has changed the game for many, helping them create unique digital spaces. Both newbies and experts can use its many features. With ready-to-use designs and a flexible builder, stunning websites are within reach.

Think of Divi Page Layouts for your next online venture. Its easy design features and deep customization help you achieve your dream site. Whether it’s for business or personal use, Divi is your best ally.


What is the Divi Theme?

The Divi Theme is a special type of theme for WordPress. It’s made by Elegant Themes. This theme helps you build your own unique website. It’s designed to give you a lot of control over how your site looks.

Why should I choose Divi for my website?

Divi offers over 2000 designs that fit different types of websites. This means you can find the perfect look for your site. It also lets you change things around to match your brand. That’s why many people who use WordPress like Divi.

What are the advantages of using the Divi Theme?

Divi brings many benefits. You can use lots of templates, test different versions of your site, and find many design features. It also works well with other WordPress tools. This makes designing your site easier and more fun.

What notable features does Divi Theme offer?

Divi has the amazing Divi Builder. With this, you can change headers, footers, and sidebars easily. It also has many ready-made designs to choose from. These features help you make your website the way you want.

Can you highlight some best practices for Divi Theme customization?

The best ways to make your site with Divi look great include using animations and placing content well. These make your site interesting and easy to use. With these simple tips, your website can look fantastic and professional.

Where can I find inspiration for Divi Theme designs?

Explore the Divi Showcase to get design ideas. It shows many websites made with Divi. You can see how versatile Divi is for different businesses and styles.

What are some of your favorite Divi Page Layouts for business websites?

I like the layouts by Nomad Capitalist and Natural Chef Mallorca. They make businesses look sharp online. These designs are perfect for a strong web presence.

What are some notable portfolio websites created using Divi?

Check out Devlin Photos and Veronica Ariel. These portfolios look great. They show off creative works with style. Divi is great for professionals who want to showcase their work.

Can you provide some examples of stunning Divi website designs?

Examples like White Gorilla and Art and Craft are really impressive. They use design well, with bold text and animations. The designs are eye-catching and match the brand perfectly.

How is Divi Theme used in real-world scenarios?

Real sites use Divi in smart ways. For instance, Techint Labs has a sleek look and White Gorilla uses space well. These sites show how Divi can meet different digital needs effectively.

How can I learn to use Divi Theme effectively?

To use Divi well, start with Divi Theme Tutorials. They cover everything from basic to advanced design. With these lessons, you’ll be able to do a lot with Divi on your website.

Source Links

Divi Theme Download

Divi Theme Download

The Divi Theme is the go-to choice for many WordPress users worldwide. It turns the basic WordPress editor into a powerful visual tool. So, whether you’re new to designing or a pro, Divi makes it all easier and more fun.

The beauty of the Divi WordPress Theme is how simple and effective it is. You don’t need to stress to create beautiful websites. Plus, you can try it out risk-free for 30 days. This shows the creators at Elegant Themes really believe in its quality.

Key Takeaways

  • The Divi Theme is known all over for its website building abilities on WordPress.
  • It includes an advanced visual editor suitable for everyone from beginners to experts.
  • With Divi, making outstanding designs is quick and easy.
  • Its 30-day free trial proves how sure they are that it will make your WordPress experience top-notch.

Why Choose Divi Theme?

Divi Theme is more than a usual WordPress theme. It’s a top WordPress Website Builder. It shines with many features that make creating websites simple and straightforward. Anyone, from beginners to pros, can easily create stunning websites with Divi.

A Comprehensive Website Builder

Choosing Divi Theme means choosing a complete website builder. It’s more than a theme; it’s a whole system with tons of customizable options. Its tools help in every part of making a website. With Divi, you’re set for an easy, full web-building journey.

Visual Page Builder Capabilities

The Visual Page Builder is a highlight in Divi. It lets you design and edit your pages in real time. You see your changes right away. This makes the design process smoother. It helps turn your ideas into visually stunning websites.

Responsive Design Control

Today, a Responsive WordPress Theme is a must. Divi ensures your site looks great on any screen. It adjusts for smartphones, tablets, and computers. This adaptability keeps all visitors happy and engaged with your content.

Key Features of Divi Theme

The Divi Theme shines with its many amazing features. It makes building websites easy and fun. Let’s look closer at what it offers:

Drag & Drop Building

Divi has a drag and drop website builder that changes how you make web pages. It has an easy, yet strong tool that lets you move things around quickly. This means you don’t need to learn complex code to design your site. Ideal for hands-on creators.

200+ Website Elements

Divi shines in the WordPress theme world by offering 200+ website elements. You’ll find everything from text boxes to sliders and forms. This wide selection ensures your site will be both functional and beautiful.

2,000+ Pre-made Designs

Customizing with Divi is a delight thanks to its 2,000+ pre-made designs. You can just pick a layout and start. It speeds up the initial site creation and allows for easy changes later on.

Complete Design Customization

What’s really cool about Divi is the total design control it gives. You can change every bit of how your website looks. From colors to typography, you can make a site that truly stands out as yours. This makes Divi a top choice among premium WordPress themes.

Drag & Drop BuildingIntuitive interface for moving elements.Simplifies the web design process.
200+ Website ElementsDiverse range of pre-coded elements.Enhances functionality and design.
2,000+ Pre-made DesignsReady-to-use professional layouts.Saves time and delivers professional results.
Complete Design CustomizationFull control over site aesthetics.Achieves a unique, tailored look.

How to Download Divi Theme

Getting the Divi Theme is easy. I’ll show you how, step by step, to get the latest Divi Theme from Elegant Themes. We start by making an account with Elegant Themes.

Creating an Elegant Themes Account

First, go to the Elegant Themes website. If you’re new, sign up by giving your email, creating a password, and picking a plan. With a membership, you get all their themes and plugins, not just the Divi Theme Download.

Downloading the Divi Theme Zip File

After signing up and logging in, go to the Members Area. Look for the “Divi” section and click it. You’ll see the option to download the Divi Theme Zip File. Click “Download” no matter if you’re using a Mac or PC. This file is the first step to making a great WordPress site with Divi.

Installing Divi Theme on Your WordPress Site

Starting with the Divi WordPress Theme is easy. You have two ways to install it. Either go for a quick setup through Divi Hosting or a hands-on method using the WordPress dashboard. We’ll look at both options.

Quick Install via Divi Hosting

Divi Hosting offers a fast setup process. You just need hosting that works well with the Divi theme. This method is perfect for those eager to start their Divi experience quickly. Once your hosting is set up, the Divi Theme is already there, and you can start creating.

Manual Install via WordPress Dashboard

For more hands-on installation, use the WordPress dashboard. First, log into your admin area. Then, go to “Themes” under “Appearance,” and choose “Add New.” Upload the Divi Theme file, hit “Install Now,” and then activate it.

This way lets you have full control from the start. It’s great for users who like to do things themselves. The Divi Theme Tutorial will walk you through each step, making the setup painless.

Divi Theme Pricing

When you look at the value of a website builder, Divi Theme Pricing is very appealing. It gives a wide range of web design tools at a great price. Divi is known for being affordable. It allows users to make as many websites as they want with one membership. This makes it great for freelancers, agencies, and people with personal websites.

The Divi Theme comes with over 2,000 ready-made website layouts at no extra cost. This is a huge plus for those who want to create beautiful sites fast. Plus, there are more than 200 elements that can be customized. You can make your site look just how you want it to.

Divi Theme Pricing offers a lot of design options. It suits various types of websites, like business, eCommerce, and health. Divi also has effects and filters to improve your designs. These include things like changing the color, brightness, and more.

Divi is easy to use, with features like sticky headers to help with navigation. You can edit your site’s design for any device. This makes sure your site looks great no matter how people access it.

Pre-Made LayoutsOver 2,000 layouts included for free
Website ElementsMore than 200 customizable elements
Design OptionsBusiness, eCommerce, technology, events, beauty, services, health
Filters & EffectsHue, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, Invert, Blur, Opacity, Sepia
Navigation FeaturesSticky headers and stacking content for ease of navigation
Responsive EditingComplete control over design settings on all devices

If you’re looking at the overall value, Divi Theme Pricing is a smart choice. It’s affordable and offers lots of ways to customize. This makes it perfect for both web designers and developers.

Getting Started with Divi Theme

The journey to an amazing website starts by downloading the Divi Theme. This guide will show you how to activate and authenticate your Divi Theme. This lets you make full use of its features.

Activating Your Divi Theme

First, download the Divi Theme and then activate it. If you’re using Divi Hosting, it’s simple. Divi gets activated automatically with a special license key. For manual setups, go to your WordPress dashboard. Then, in Appearance > Themes, click Activate under Divi.

Authenticating Your Divi Account

After activation, you must authenticate your Divi account. This lets you get updates and access Layout Packs. In your WordPress dashboard, visit Divi > Theme Options. Enter your Elegant Themes username and API Key there. This step is key for future updates with the Responsive WordPress Theme.

Exploring Pre-made Layouts

With activation and authentication done, you can use pre-made layouts. These help you start quickly. Go to Pages and choose Use Divi Builder. This will open a vast library of layouts for you to explore.

Installation MethodSteps Involved
Quick Install via Divi HostingAutomatic activation with a unique license key
Manual Install via WordPress DashboardUpload the Divi zip file, install, and activate
AuthenticationLink Elegant Themes username and API Key in Divi Theme Options
Exploring LayoutsAccess a vast library of pre-made layouts through the Divi Builder

Getting started with Divi is easy, whether you’re new or have experience. It helps you use the Responsive WordPress Theme well.

Advanced Design Features in Divi

The Divi Theme Download lets users customize their websites brilliantly, even without coding skills. It offers advanced design tools that boost flexibility and accuracy. These make Divi ideal for both design lovers and experts.

Custom CSS Control

Divi shines with Custom CSS Control. It allows users to apply unique CSS to Divi elements directly. Adding Custom CSS lets me fine-tune the site’s look to match my exact vision. This is beyond what the usual options in the builder offer.

Advanced Code Editing

Its Advanced Code Editing feature is a big win for those versed in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This option lets me include special design pieces and features. It makes the website’s experience one of a kind. Divi thrives on helping users break free from typical design molds.

Effects and Animations

Today, a website’s visuals are key, and Divi excels with Effects and Animations. It brings a host of interactive animations to live any page. From subtle hovers to big scroll effects, these tools elevate the website’s appeal.

Optimizing Your Site with Divi

Using Divi can greatly boost how users see your site and the chances of them taking action. We will look at key tools that can make your site work better and be more appealing.

Using Divi Leads for A/B Testing

Divi Leads is a standout feature. It allows you to test different versions of your pages or parts to see what works best. This is key for making your site’s design attract more visitors and improve how they act on your site.

Implementing Responsive Editing

With Divi, your site will shine on every gadget. You can adjust how your site looks on phones, tablets, and computers. Putting effort into a Responsive WordPress Theme means your visitors will have a smooth time browsing. This keeps them interested and less likely to leave.

Advanced Display Conditions

Using advanced display conditions, you can decide when and where certain parts of your site show up. This lets you offer a personalized visit to each user. It keeps your site content fresh and engaging for all who visit.

“Divi offers incredible flexibility with its advanced display conditions, enabling us to create highly targeted user experiences.”

Divi LeadsEnables A/B testing to optimize site performance
Responsive EditingEnsures perfect display across all devices
Advanced Display ConditionsOffers targeted content visibility based on user-defined rules


Our journey through the Divi WordPress Theme is coming to an end. Divi stands out as a great choice for both beginners and experts in designing websites. It gives you many options to design, like the easy-to-use Divi Builder and its advanced features.

Adding PDF downloads can make visitors more engaged with your site. It lets you share special content like eBooks to grow your email list. With plugins such as WP Advanced PDF, it’s simple to do. The Divi Call To Action module also makes it easy to control where your download links appear.

But, Divi does more than making a pretty website. It helps keep your content valuable over time with its easy-to-use tools. You can easily update old stuff with PDFs or make new pages look great on any device. By choosing Divi Theme Download, you’re getting a powerful system. It’s up-to-date and focused on making users happy.


What do I need to know about Divi Theme Download?

To get the Divi Theme, make an account with Elegant Themes. Then, access the Members Area to download the zip file. Now, you’re all set to create the WordPress site of your dreams using Divi’s features.

Why should I choose Divi Theme for my website?

Divi Theme is more than just a website builder. It offers a top-notch visual page builder, tools for responsive design, and is easy for anyone to use. Its many customization options let you make beautiful websites that work well on any device.

What are the key features of Divi Theme?

Divi Theme has lots of great features, like drag & drop building and over 200 design elements. You also get access to more than 2,000 ready-to-use designs. This makes it easy to build a website that truly fits your style and needs.

How do I download the Divi Theme?

To start, you need an Elegant Themes account. After that, head to the Members Area and download the Divi Theme zip file. This method is simple and quick, ensuring you’re ready to build your site without any hassle.

How do I install the Divi Theme on my WordPress site?

You can add the Divi Theme with Divi Hosting for an easy install. Or, do it manually using your WordPress dashboard. Both ways are simple and get you designing your site right away.

What is the pricing structure of the Divi Theme?

Divi Theme has a great deal: for one price, you can make as many websites as you want. This is an awesome offer for freelancers, agencies, and people making their own sites.

How do I get started with Divi Theme?

Start by connecting your Divi Theme to your Elegant Themes account with an API Key. This step activates Divi’s full range of features. It gives you updates and access to layouts, making your design journey smooth.

What advanced design features does Divi offer?

Divi has cool design features for those who know how to code, like custom CSS. It also offers advanced editing tools and special effects. These let you make your site look exactly how you want.

How can I optimize my site using Divi?

Divi comes with features for testing, making your site look good on mobile, and controlling when content shows. These tools help you create a site that draws people in and looks great on any device.

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Divi Theme Mobile Menu

Divi Theme Mobile Menu

The Divi Theme has a powerful Mobile Menu feature. It lets users make a menu that collapses for mobile users. This makes navigating websites on mobile devices much easier. There’s a free JSON template file that helps with setup. It shows users how to use the needed classes easily.

For even better mobile navigation, users can add their own CSS and jQuery code. This way, they can customize the menu to fit their website better. One key step in setting up the Divi Theme is to switch off Dynamic Icons. This ensures menu icons show up the right way. Such a small tweak can have a large impact on how users view your site’s menu on their mobiles.

Key Takeaways

  • Divi Theme Mobile Menu enhances mobile user experience with collapsing nested menus.
  • A free JSON template simplifies the Mobile Menu setup process.
  • Custom CSS and jQuery can be integrated for added functionality.
  • Turn off Dynamic Icons in settings for correct icon display.
  • Responsive website navigation is made seamless with Divi Theme.

Understanding the Importance of Mobile Navigation

In the digital age, mobile navigation is key for a smooth website experience. It’s more than just looks. It impacts how users engage and access sites on their devices. As more people browse on their phones, a design that’s easy to touch is crucial.

Mobile Navigation Basics

Mobile navigation is how users can move around a site on their phones. Key features include menus that adjust to screens and are easy to use. Making sure navigation is smooth is a big part of Divi Theme mobile optimization.

Why Mobile Menus Matter

Mobile menus make it easier to use sites on smaller screens. A good responsive menu can lower bounce rates and drive more sales. By making the design easy to use with a touch, you improve how users move around. This is why Divi Theme mobile optimization is so important for a good user experience.

Setting Up Your Divi Theme Mobile Menu

I’m excited to show you how to set up your Divi Theme Mobile Menu. You’ll learn to add menu items and use the Divi Theme Builder. This makes your menu look great and easy to use.

Adding Menu Items & Sub Menu Items

First, you need to add menu items. Divi helps you make a drop-down menu easily. You just need to know how to name the main and subcategories differently.

Customizing CSS Classes

Then, we’ll make your menu stylish and functional. You get to choose how it looks by adding CSS classes. This makes sure your menu matches your site’s design.

Using the Divi Theme Builder

The Divi Theme Builder has cool features for your menu. You can add images and text to the menu. Also, you can change the space and shadows to make it look special. Remember, the Divi Theme Builder is key to a great mobile menu.

Menu ItemsMain categories and linksFirst-level classes
Sub Menu ItemsSubcategories under main linksSecond-level classes
CSS ClassesStyling and functionalityCustom CSS classes
Divi Theme BuilderDesign and build toolsImage and Text Modules

Creating Responsive Menus with Divi

Designing a responsive menu is key for a great user experience on any device. The Divi Theme lets you make a mobile-friendly design easily. It fits well on screens of all sizes. You should use design tips to make your menu easy to use and look good.

Responsive Design Principles

Responsive design is about making your menu work on all devices well. With Divi, you can pick what shows on each screen size. You can also make sure your text and columns look good, no matter the device.

  • Module visibility: Adjust which modules are visible on specific device sizes.
  • Column stacking: Ensure that columns stack appropriately on narrower screens.
  • Text alignment: Align text to make it readable on various devices.

Testing Across Devices

Testing your menu on different devices is very important. Divi lets you see how your menu looks on phones and tablets. You should check everything works well, like the size, the words, and the buttons.

Device TypeTesting Focus Areas
PhonesMenu alignment, touch interactions, text readability
TabletsColumn stacking, module visibility, menu functionality
DesktopsFull menu display, hover effects, expanded features

If you follow these tips, you will make a good menu with Divi. Making your menu user-friendly and great on all devices is important. It ensures everyone has a good experience on your website.

Implementing a Hamburger Menu

Adding a hamburger menu with the Divi Theme makes a big difference on mobile sites. It turns the main fuss of navigating into a simple icon. This design choice is both space-saving and fits with today’s styles. It makes browsing less messy for users, avoiding the frustration of too many links at once.

The Divi Theme’s menu area is super customizable. The settings let me easily switch to a hamburger menu look. I can even match the icon’s color with our brand’s theme. This small touch keeps everything looking cohesive and helps our menu stand out.

Now, let’s see how traditional and hamburger menus compare:

Traditional MenuHamburger Menu
Space UtilizationTakes up significant screen spaceSpace-efficient and compact
User ExperienceDisplays all options at onceKeeps interface clean and simple
Modern AppealSomewhat outdatedConsidered an integral element of modern website design
Navigation EaseCan be overwhelmingSimplified and user-friendly

The hamburger menu enhances the Divi Theme’s navigation, making everything user-friendly on mobile. It’s all about mixing good looks with practical use, creating a site that’s both stylish and easy to use. This move is vital for polishing our mobile site, thanks to the Divi Theme’s strong capabilities.

Enhancing User Experience with Toggle Menus

Toggle menus make it easy to explore a website. They work well with the Divi Theme to make your site look neat. This boosts how much users enjoy and interact with your site. However, it’s key to think carefully about the design of your toggle menu to see the best results.

Benefits of Toggle Menus

User-friendly navigation is the top reason to use a toggle menu. They help organize the site’s information in a way that’s easy to understand. This makes finding information simpler for visitors. With the Divi Theme, using a toggle menu can also make your site more engaging.

By adding snippets of jQuery code, you can make navigating even easier. For example, you can collapse mobile menu submenus to only show icons. This is done by inserting jQuery code in places like the Divi Assistant or the theme’s options.

Design Considerations

Creating a toggle menu means planning how users will use it, its looks, and fitting with the site’s design. For mobile design, special CSS code can improve how your menu looks when it’s closed. This CSS is applied in the Divi Assistant or theme options.

Using Divi’s Responsive Helper can make your design work seamlessly across devices. This tool is very handy in making your design look good everywhere. Plus, checking out tutorials about Divi’s menus can give you great tips on making a better navigation system.

  • Easy access and intuitive navigation interface.
  • Visual indicators for menu expansion.
  • Alignment with the site’s overall design theme.

To keep users interested, ask them to subscribe to updates. Sending out newsletters with important information helps you stay in touch with your audience. Then your users can keep up with the latest news and updates from Divi.

Adding Off-Canvas Menus for Extra Functionality

Off-canvas menus are an innovative way to add features without making navigation cluttered. They sit off-screen and slide in when you need them, making your site look more sophisticated.

What is an Off-Canvas Menu?

An off-canvas menu only appears when you click or tap. It’s a perfect way to keep your site’s main look clean while adding extra menu options. This makes mobile navigation better and your site easier to use.

How to Implement in Divi

Setting up an off-canvas menu in Divi is easy, thanks to Divi’s special tools. You can use its features or do some custom coding. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Create a Button: Make a button that opens the off-canvas menu when clicked. Design it to match your site’s style.
  2. Use Custom Code: Add special CSS or JavaScript to make the menu slide in smoothly. This custom step adds a unique feel to your site.
  3. Design with Divi Builder: Use the Divi Theme Builder to make the menu look just right. Put in links, icons, and images as needed.

By using an off-canvas menu, you bring a stylish, up-to-date touch to your site. It helps your site work better and keeps visitors engaged.

Best Practices for Mobile Design

It’s crucial to think about the best practices when designing for mobile. Good design improves how users interact with a site. This includes making sure that buttons and links are easy to use with a touch and load quickly. Let’s look at what makes a mobile site great.

Touch-Friendly Design Principles

Designing for touch means making everything easy to tap. Interactive elements, like buttons and links, should be spaced well and big enough for a thumb press. A smart mobile design helps users navigate without any trouble.

Some important design rules include:

  • Buttons must be at least 44×44 pixels in size.
  • Keep a good distance between them to avoid wrong taps.
  • Make them show they’re interactive with hover effects.

Loading Speed Considerations

A mobile site that loads fast keeps users staying and not leaving. The time it takes for a page to load can make or break the user experience. Making Divi Theme work faster ensures menus and important parts are quick to open, making navigating around the site better.

There are ways to speed up loading times:

  1. Make images and videos smaller to load quicker.
  2. Wait to load them until they’re needed with lazy loading.
  3. Avoid too many heavy scripts and plugins.
  4. Load JavaScript files without stopping the page.

Following these design and performance tips will make mobile users happier. It’s all about meeting the high standards of today’s digital world.

Touch-Friendly DesignSpacious ButtonsImproved User Accessibility
Fast Loading MenuImage CompressionReduced Load Times
Performance OptimizationAsynchronous ScriptsSmoother Navigation

Optimizing Your Menu with Custom Code

Adding custom code to Divi Theme makes your mobile menu stand out. It enhances how your menu looks and works. This is done with special CSS and jQuery tricks not found in regular settings.

Incorporating CSS and jQuery

If you want a unique menu, using CSS and jQuery is key. These let you make cool design features like animations and text that fits any screen. With custom CSS, you can change how link buttons look or the size of the text. This makes your menu smooth and fun to use.

Advanced Customizations

The Divi Theme is perfect for making your site look special. You can pick from various global settings for your menu. These can include a logo with centered links or a logo between links. These options help your menu look great on any device. Plus, a detailed guide is there to help set it up step by step. This ensures your menu is just the way you like it.

Using custom CSS and jQuery in Divi can turn your menu into something awesome. It matches your website’s style and makes users happy.

  1. Choose one of the five global menu presets.
  2. Import the preset into your Divi Library.
  3. Customize the preset using specific CSS code snippets.
  4. Ensure all mobile optimizations are applied, focusing on responsive text sizing and layout adjustments.
  5. Download the custom layout and subscribe for weekly Divi layout packs for continual updates and enhancements.
Global Preset StyleFeatures
Centered Button Links with LogoMinimalistic design, focused branding
Inline Centered Logo with Button LinksBalanced layout, improved navigation
Full Centered VW Spaced Menu with Mobile LabelResponsive design, optimal space utilization
Right Spaced Menu with Mobile LabelUser-friendly, streamlined access
Left Spaced Menu with Mobile LabelConsistent alignment, enhanced UX


The Divi Theme Mobile Menu greatly improves how sites work on phones. Divi offers tools for making designs that look good and work well. An effective website strategy means your menu looks great on any device, from big screens to small phones.

It’s key to choose the right sizes for showing the menu on different gadgets. For instance, making the menu appear at 1024px can make a big difference. You can also tweak how the menu looks with your own CSS to keep it easy to use everywhere.

Making your menu easy to read and use is also important. You can make the menu bar stretch the full width or adjust how the logo and text look. Features like Slide-in or Centered Inline Logo in Divi’s Theme Customizer help a lot. They make the menu simpler and the whole website better for users.

With the right design and tweaks, your site will be better for everyone. It will not only be attractive but also easy to use. These choices can lead to more visitors and success online.


How do I set up the Divi Theme Mobile Menu?

To set up the Divi Theme Mobile Menu, you need to do a few things. First, add menu and sub-menu items. Then, give them CSS classes. After that, use the Divi Theme Builder to build your menu.

You should start by downloading a free JSON template file. Also, remember to turn off Dynamic Icons. This setting makes sure your menu icons look right.

Why is mobile navigation important?

Having good mobile navigation is key for engaging users and making your site accessible. A menu that works well on small screens makes it easy for people to use your site. This, in turn, lowers bounce rates and helps users stay longer.

What are the key principles of responsive design for mobile menus?

When designing for mobile menus, make sure they fit various devices and screen sizes. Test your menus on different gadgets. Use a layout that’s easy to use with fingers and looks good to everyone.

This ensures all visitors have a smooth experience, no matter how they reach your site.

What is a hamburger menu, and how can it be implemented in Divi?

A hamburger menu is a simple, three-line icon to show a website’s main links. To use it in Divi, go to the Menu Module. From there, you can pick the hamburger menu look and change the color to match your site’s style.

What are the benefits of using toggle menus in the Divi Theme?

Toggle menus make navigating a site feel quick, fun, and easy. They improve how your site looks by cutting down on clutter. This makes users more likely to explore your content.

Remember to make the menus easy to find and give clear signs that they can be opened up.

How do I implement an off-canvas menu in Divi?

To add an off-canvas menu in Divi, you can use built-in tools or write some code. This menu type is hidden off the screen until someone opens it.

It adds a modern touch to your site’s design. Users can open it by clicking or tapping an icon.

What are the best practices for mobile design?

Good mobile design includes big, easy-to-tap buttons and speedy loading. With Divi’s tools, you can make your site load faster. This improves how people feel about using your site on mobile.

How can I optimize my Divi Theme Mobile Menu with custom code?

You can make your menu better with custom CSS and jQuery. Add cool features and designs with these. This can really set your site apart and give users a great experience.

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